Mphuzi Music’s Unique Selling Points

Charlotte Dove, formerly Manager at London’s Cultural Co-operation (of which Mphuzi is a member), once said that Mphuzi music’s unique selling points are the messages behind the music as well as the sincerity and emotions poured out by the artist while delivering the music. His music addresses social issues affecting ordinary people out there.

For example, in his song Mama, he pays tribute to his late mother and other mothers who raised children as single parents. “Mama, you are my shield because in the wars of life you have fought for me [Mama, u xitlhangu xanga. Etinyimpini ta vutomi undzi lwele]”, the chorus goes. In his song: Vuyani, he pays homage to many people who fought and even died for our freedom and argues that it is time to help rebuild the country now that freedom has been attained. While the song was written with a South African focus, it applies to other countries in the African continent who have been displaced by civil wars, political strife and famines.

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